Victor Mitchell takes an early lead in Colorado governor’s race … for Facebook likes

Victor Mitchell takes an early lead in Colorado governor’s race … for Facebook likes

Author: Joey Bunch, - October 23, 2017 


Victor Mitchell got in the race for governor early and, quite frankly, has charged harder than just about any of the 23 other candidates for governor. He also loaned his campaign $3 million from the get-go, so he also enjoys a healthy early lead in cash.


But his campaign shared some interesting and perhaps important numbers with Colorado Politics, as well.


In the last quarter that ended on Oct. 17, Mitchell gained 14,336 followers on his campaign’s Facebook page. Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler added 3,864 and State Treasurer Walker Stapleton, who only got in the race a month ago, added 175, and investment banker Doug Robinson had 58 new friends, according to Mitchell’s metric.


And his friends really like his posts, apparently. Mitchell had 38,005 likes to Stapleton’s 9,634, Brauchler’s 8,088 and Robinson’s 6,560. (Those were the numbers Mitchell charted, but as of Sunday Stephen Barlock had 536 likes on his campaign Facebook page, Greg Lopez had 253 and Lew Gaiter  had 73.)


On the Democratic side, Jared Polis has 16,832 likes as on his Facebook page of Sunday afternoon. Former state Sen. Mike Johnston had 11,343. Former State Treasurer Cary Kennedy had 3,117, Denver businessman Noel Ginsberg had 1,070 and Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne had 589 likes.

Save the eye roll.


This month “60 Minutes” and The Washington Post had stories about the role the social media platform played in putting Donald Trump in the White House, at very low cost to campaigns, Russian or otherwise.


“As a businessman and entrepreneur, I have always believed that the numbers matter,” Mitchell told Colorado Politics. “You are not really succeeding if the numbers don’t bear it out. In politics I see that spin, smoke, and mirrors too often obfuscate the bottom line. So we are laying out the numbers more transparently than anyone else. We had the largest percentage increase in donors this quarter.


“And we are outgrowing everyone by a mile on Facebook. That matters. Those numbers reflect real growth and momentum in grassroots support. We are not the darling of insider money or special interests, but we are surging with ordinary Coloradans”